Town Shopper Magazine


When you live or own a business in Madison, Perry or Geneva, Ohio, you should know the Town Shopper.  So many local residents rely on Town Shopper Magazine for their favorite coupons to local area businesses.

I’m proud to say that “Town Shopper Magazine is the locals’ “Favorite Junk Mail.
It has earned a place in the heart of many people as a great shopping tool for discounts in the local shopping market. Residents who live here like to support their town’s businesses and Town Shopper predominantly features owner operated retail and service businesses who offer coupons or specials to its’ readers.

NEW… Now readers can come to this website to download the current issue and print off more coupons or forward it to a friend who doesn’t receive a copy in the mail.
Fans often state that they “Read it from Cover to Cover”. They love the artistic appeal of the ads and the lighthearted and sometimes whimsical approach that the Publisher uses. Most of all, they love the restaurant coupons. In today’s economy, a discount here and there makes dining out more affordable.

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The magazine is exclusive to Madison, Perry and Geneva only. It is not a franchise, but in fact, it is owner- operated just like most of the businesses who advertise in it. When you advertise in Town Shopper, you’ll deal direct with the owner, publisher. Do not assume it’s a rinky dink operation; it’s run professionally and with great attention to detail.

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