Frequently Asked Questions

We get some advertising questions asked more frequently than others. You’ll see these questions, along with their answers right here. Don’t see your question/answer here? Contact us and we will answer your question.


Is Town Shopper mailed every month?

No, Town Shopper Magazine is mailed 10 times a year. That way the magazine has a longer shelf life and costs the advertiser less per week than monthly magazines.

How is Town Shopper Magazine distributed?

Town Shopper Magazine is direct mailed to zip codes 44057 (Madison, Ohio), 44081 (Perry, Ohio) and 44041( Geneva, Ohio) in the order of carrier routes selected by the publisher. An additional 1,500 copies are placed in local area stores for fans who might not receive one at home or who need an extra copy. You may also download and print pages of the current magazine at this website

You can find extra copies at the following locations.


Health Markets

Madison Family Restaurant

Main Street Retreat


The Red Berry Candy Shop


Rideout’s IGA

Treasures at the Langshaw

Perry Bargain Barn


Giant Eagle

Mary’s Diner

Bilicic’s Busy Mart

Coldwell Banker

Geneva Spinal Health & Pain Management

Geneva Furniture

How many magazines are published?

15,000 magazines are distributed per each in home date.

How much does an ad cost?

That depends on the size of the ad and how many times you will run it. For more information, look at our Ad Sizes page or contact us.

Do you help design the ad?

Absolutely, yes. We love to get creative license to design your ads. We just ask that you give us some basic information to get things started.

Can I use a picture in my ad and what is the cost?

There is no charge for photos. In fact, we will even shoot the pictures for you if you want.

How often can I change my ad and is there a charge for that?

There is no charge to change your ad copy, and we can change it as often as you like. However, it is not recommended that you change the entire look of your ad each time it runs. We try to create a basic format that suits your taste and needs, and then change the elements within as required. Readers will better relate to your ad if they recognize it.

If I sign up to run 6 ads, do I have to pay for all of them up front?

No, you will pay for each ad separately when the time comes. Fees per ad are due upon proof approval for the current publication that you will advertise in.

Where will my ad be placed?

Can I be on the cover? Cover advertisements are usually sold for the entire year, with that advertiser having first right of refusal for the next year. You can be added to the waiting list if a cover position is what you prefer. Inside ads are mostly moved around from issue to issue. Matching all the ads together is somewhat like doing a jigsaw puzzle. If your ad is smaller than a full page, it will be matched up with ads of similar sizes  and coordinating colors that are needed to fill the page.

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